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Our community

Our community

Our community

We're a community of individual businesses, freelancers and coworking spaces. We're artists, chefs, software developers, gardeners, architects, inventors and many more.

Local is at our heart - we want to keep business and the economy local and encourage partnerships and collaborations that bring us all closer together. We are proud to be in the heart of a vibrant, diverse, international local community and aim to represent that as much as possible. We welcome new ideas, partnerships, individuals and organisations so please get in touch if you'd like to talk more. 

Lisa Bretherick Photography

I photograph people and their organisations in an authentic, collaborative and insightful way to create images that reflect their real values and that they are proud to put out into the world.

Why I work here
I work at and manage The Corner Studios in Vincent's Yard. Our aim has always been to create a bright, open, inclusive space where people come together to work alongside others, focus, discuss ideas and generally enjoy their working day. I always have an interesting conversation when I'm here, and that keeps me inspired and learning. It's so important as a freelancer who often works alone to have that and feel a part of something bigger. It really feels like we're part of a warm community, surrounded by ideas, support and creativity.

Michelle Avison

Michelle Avison studied painting at the Slade School of Art in the late 1980s, going on later to study Printmaking MA at Wimbledon School of Art. Michelle established SLAUGHTERHAUS Print Studio with her husband, artist Alex Le Fevre in 2010. 

She has work in public and private collections in the UK. She is an experienced artist-educator and is also currently Head of Printmaking and Bookbinding at Morley College, London. 

Dan Evans- Web developer - Plan 9

Plan 9 develop content managed websites including the one you are looking at now. We work for a number of clients in both the private and public sector.

We took over what is now called Unit Z in 2019 and refurbished what was once an industrial unit. It's now an architect-designed co-working space. It's a great space to work in - the yard itself is an oasis of calm in the middle of the city and it's super-convenient for my 5-minute commute from Camberwell.

Kitty Forbes

I’m a London based Illustrator who specialises in drawing dogs by hand, with a focus on realism and an adeptness at bringing out their unique character. I use hand-detailed pencil and watercolour, which allows me to add depth and character to our most beloved subjects of all - man’s best friend.

Why I work here
Being an artist it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off other people in the studio, and it of course helps that everyone is totally dreamy. The relaxed vibe is ideal to work in and the yard itself feels like you have popped out of the bustle of London for the day.

Jen Speed-Andrews - Designer

Hi I'm Jen, I'm a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Pattern Maker. I do a bit of everything when it comes to design, from developing online and offline assets for different brands, to creating Illustrations and repeat patterns.

Why I work here
I love working in Vincent's Yard and the Corner Studios for so many reasons. It's a place away from home that I can call my own workspace. I have my own little area and desk that I can personalise and create a space that I love to work in. But most importantly, it's the people. Being freelance or working from home can be such a lonely thing. Seeing the same people every day and forming friendships is the highlight. You really do feel part of a community.

Sam Le Mort - Illustrator

I'm an illustrator. I work on all sorts of different projects, with a focus on hand-drawn, minimal children's illustration and graphics.

Why I work here
Working mainly alone, The Corner Studios are the perfect creative space for me, allowing me to replace my own four walls with a relaxed area that offers an element of community that I find so important to keep creatively stimulated and productive.

Hannah Jefferies - Textile Designer

I am a Freelance Printed Textile Designer. I curate trend information and design bespoke prints for womenswear and homeware.

Why I work here
I work at The Corner Studios, Vincents Yard because it offers an amazing professional space to conduct my work, be creative and be part of a community.